Disco 'Live from Gary, Indiana [Part 1]' (2007) al que pertenece la canción 'Hard Times'

Hard Times

Freddie Gibbs


Let me show you what my day go like, take a sneak peak inside my life
I wake up in the morning fiendin' for weed so I flame the la
If I ain't got it then I'm wonderin' how I'mma get high, with no money
And I just lost my gig, times hard for the kid no food in the fridge
I'm down to my last dollar, they workin' my last nerve
? face out on the curb, pass the herb
Let me keep gettin' slizzered and my problems I might forget 'em
But it could be this weed and this liquor blurrin' my vision
I don't need that, either way it go I'mma maintain
Look like I'm fresh outta options I gotta slang 'caine
It's easy when I just walk up and put the gun to 'em
Now I'm duckin' niggas that's heated from what I done to 'em
Sometimes I feel it ain't a doubt in my mind, that I'mma die before I'm 25
That's why I ride with the iron

[Hook] x2
It's hard times hard livin, you mix it with the hard liquor
We get it how we live nigga, niggas dyin, niggas snitchin
We still gotta stack figures, we get it how we live nigga

Livin' this life it get you sent away
Gone tomorrow, but you here today, drug shit is here to stay
The government making a profit, they don't want to stop it
They lockin' niggas in the box when they try to cop it
The snitches is house niggas and this is modern day slavery
Coordinated by Reagan in the eighties
Crack babies and crack dealers and crack hoes
On the corner these niggas fourteen with 44's
Cause he ain't ate in a couple days, he huntin' to get his meal
Take a walk in the gutter come and see how this shit feel
You standin' on the block with your stomach in knots
Tryin' to ? this last rock, damn there go the cops
I get it how I live but the way I live just ain't right
Close my eyes say a prayer to make it through the night
If I should die before I wake then I pray the lord my soul to keep
It's cold in the streets nigga


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