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I Don’t Know Your Name

Freddie Gibbs


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Ugh, damn
Yo, it's the top of the mornin'
And I'm just wakin' up, breath stinkin' and yawnin'
Ugh, last night I performed at a show
Now I'm laid up with this chick I don't know
All I know is I was drinkin' on Red Bull and Hennessy
Then you approached me and said you was feelin' me
Plus you said you had some weed to spark
So I took you to my room at the Adams Mark
Ugh, you was just another chick that I left wit'
Had sex wit' real quick and I slept wit'
And I know that it's a God damn shame
But baby girl I don't remember yo' name
What's yo' name again?

I'm for real man I don't be rememberin' these girls' names dog
You don't know my name
For real, if I remember yo' name you special
I swear, it feels like ooooo
I'm sorry, you know what I'm sayin'?
You don't know my name
Round and round and round we go, will you ever know?
This is Freddie Gibbs, this is how I am

Yo, I remember yo' name, is it Dana, Lisa, or Amanda?
Erica, Tiffany, Neisha, or Cassandra
She said: 'no, my name is Tiana'
Go call them other bitches' names out to yo' mama
Woah, baby girl let's be friends not enemies
You can't get mad cause I got a bad memory
But now it's checkout time, so baby check this
Get dressed, I'mma take you to breakfast
And maybe we can come back to the tele
We can roll another blunt and listen to R. Kelly
Then we can do the same thang again
But baby girl what's yo' name again?
I forgot, ugh

It feels like ooh-ooh-ooh
You don't know my name
I'm sorry you know what I'm sayin'?
I was drunk, I was drinkin' that Henn-dog
And I swear it baby
It feel like ooooo
It was me, Ivoe, [?] you was talkin' to all of us
You don't know my name
Round and round and round we go, will you ever know
They don't, they don't know yo' name either
You know what I'm sayin'?
I'm sayin', he don't even know what he's doin' to me
Yes I do
I be feelin' all crazy inside, I'm feelin' like
I do?, haha, yeah, come on

Doin' more than I've ever done for anyone's attention
Take notice of what's in front of you
Cause did I mention you're 'bout to miss a good thing
And you'll never know how good it feels to have all of my affection
And you'll never get a chance to experience my lovin'
Cause my lovin' feels like ooooo
You don't know my name

You tell me one more time I'm gon' remember it, I promise
Round and round and round we go, will he ever know?
And I swear it feel like ooooo
For real?
You don't know my name
I'm tellin' you, when I get-. when I'm off that green and that drink
Round and round and round we go, will he ever know?
You know, I be, I be forgettin' stuff
Will you ever know it?

And I can't believe you forgot my name
Man I'm tellin' you I'm sorry you know Brianna it be like that
You ain't sorry nigga, my name is not Brianna
What's yo' name?
Tiana, Tiana
Tiana, Tiana, Tiana
Man, just like I said, you know I really care about you-
You don't care about me, you were screamin' that name last night
It's about to be me and you girl, Freddie-
No it ain't, whatever
Freddie, Freddie and Kiana baby, Freddie and Kiana
Oh my fault, I ain't mean to do that
You know, I know you love me, you love me don't you?
Tell the truth, I know you love me
Maybe a lil bit
Yeah hmmhmm
But you can't even remember my name
I told you
What is it?
Leanna, it's gon' be all good
Oh, well I'm Freddie Gibbs, I'm pretty sure you know that
What's my name?
I forgot *laughs*

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