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I know we made an agreement
Yeah We both tried, just to do our own thing

Staring at the world thru versace lenses
Moving Tony with my homie cause he's bout the business
If we make it to a birdie then we cop Benz
Sound good until a nigga end up in the prison
Look at me im the definition of detrimental, out the driver side of this rental bussin up out the window, sending witnesses to the hospital for my aquittal, and my bullets blind you riding with him he dying with you
Killa wit the baby face, nigga spray the place
Gang member, police got me in their database
Before I drop it in the water give the yay a taste
Bout a quarter banger homie over call it paper way
We don't even speak on the word beef, we let it be
Right back on they ass been a psychopath since seventeen
Nigga ain't no peace on the East, the streets raised me
Used to burn shit and the shermsticks

My life style krazy, Luxury condos and bad hoes Krazy!
Hop out the Porsche Jump up in the lambos Krazy!
Living up no sleep this cold street amaze me
Packing that big clip when shit get krazy!
Luxury condos and bad hoes Krazy!
Hop out the Porsche up jump in the lambos krazy!
And when the song get pussy niggas get faded
Packing that big clip when shit get krazy!

Niggas die every day, wonder if I'm next
One foot in the condo, one in the projects
Break it all down, yeah nigga, I dissect
These bullets is something that you ain't able to digest
Get this income is the outcome
So I'mma finish this work and finish the album
And I know them people got it out for me
End of the day it's me lookin' out for me
And fuck you if you doubtin me
Bad bitches blowing weed on the balcony
I'm just enjoying the amenities
Business man, with dope boy tendencies
I take shit to the extremity
Rest in peace to my enemies
I don't want it if is under a hundred
It don't faze me, nigga

105 east bound, feeling like a king real
Vibe play my feet down
On the block GLocks bustin like a grey hound
Yeah, my life style crazy on this play ground
Still hangin with my niggas from the sand box
We all hittas yeah and you know we got them lamb chops
Rock pushin rhymes like weight now
Stack guap bitches ready for the takedown
Krazy I just go no breaks now
My six teens a brick you can't break down
Yeah I'm so solid in this world of mine
Stay on my grind daily I don't really know the time
Watch full of diamonds in my chain dancing
Don't reach, don't risk it, don't even chance it
Man down you won't get no second chances
Player haters beed to think about ya circumstances


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