Freddie Gibbs

On One

Freddie Gibbs ft. Problem


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I'm on one, in my frame bumping the wrong one
Whippin chrome off in my zone before the song done
All it takes is a couple minutes I'm right back in it
Right back in the liquor store, mama say i don't like the misses
Say I'm insubordinate, inexplicable, incoherent
Down to meet up with your daughter but skip on meeting the parents
Running up and down the highway with product, I'm running errands
Run the game, ever so apparent yo one was staring
Connoisseur [?] lady, I've been on the block
Absolutely absolut pineapple juice biatch
Need to call my lawyer, think you need to call a doctor
Freddie G be rolling and posing on these imposters
And everything I make'll make the papers I'm a menace
Ill be in the Dominican before the judge drop a sentence
I was landing on my feet cause i delete the competition
Then you sign the dotted line if its the proper proposition

[hook] (x2)
Man I'm on one, man I'm on two, I'm on three
Stay on chrome so all the women is on me
I'm on one, on that liquor man, I'm on ten
When we get to your spot we gets it in

Man I'm on one, i think these busters need to ease back
All that extra animosity, no we don't need that
Rather do a tour on every stop i get some cheese back
Paper from my pen game these haters can't believe that
All about my ends man, self employed, self made
Party in my place but henny lemonade last place
Ladies on my lap and pimping in my veins, can't complain
We can get it on tonight a second date i can't arrange
But if you thorough i can picture you with it
Buy your life from top to bottom man where should i begin
Where should i start, you think this be a walk in the park?
A lot of dudes like to break them off, I'm breaking they hearts
I took a break from being a player then i got right back on it
So listen baby heres my number, call my phone when you lonely
Im bumping Tony Tony Tony in my new testeronie
And plus i know she down to kick it with a few of my homies

[hook] (x2)

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