Disco 'Full Metal Jackit Vol. 1' (2004) al que pertenece la canción 'Quick 2 Back Down Freestyle'

Quick 2 Back Down Freestyle

Freddie Gibbs


Ugh, yeah, ugh
Freddie gangsta Gibbs
Ugh, Gary, Indiana's finest
Man, lotta y'all rappers better be quick to back down ugh
Man, Finger Roll I'm 'bout to kill it man
I'm about to kill this beat man
Here we go, ugh, yeah
You want it come get it, ugh, yo

Anybody that wants some gets some
I am rap royalty and this is my kingdom
Indiana, man the whole Midwest is mine
I pack a vest and a nine so the rest is dyin'
The rest is lyin', talkin' 'bout they street credibility
I represent the hoods so the whole hood feelin' me
And if they don't they paralyzed till death
And it there's any left, I'mma terrorize the rest
You dudes get ludicrous, act a fool
Cross me and you get smoked like a pack of kools
I'm real and I ain't got no deal
But I'm the only all-star from Indiana like Jermaine O'Neal
Man don't cross my squad
You mess wit' Finger Roll or Rod and you get found dead in your garage
It's Freddie Gibbs the God, the Indiana playmaker
Gettin' on wit' lyrical left hooks and haymakers
I borrow yo' ear like But this year y'all cats gon' feel more Gibbs
Gettin' straight to the source, you know what I mean?
My guns double XL, I murder dog like the magazine
And you can take it how ya wanna take it
But I'm ready for hard labor like a chick when her water breakin'
I'm unemployed so I'm bumpin' them raps
I make my money on the block, buck punching a clock
I'd rather punch you for ya watch, ya chain, ya wallet
My flow is like Ashford and Simpson, rock solid
I sold dope outta my dorm room in college
I slung weight at Ball State, I'm comin' off the top of my dome, I drop knowledge
Plus I got them guns if you wanna get My dudes got them bullets that be rippin' up vests
Puttin' holes in yo' throwback Mitchell & Ness
Freddie Gibbs is the illest, I be spittin' the best
And I ain't got no competition cause I'm killin' the rest
And I'mma keep spittin' flows 'till they put me to death
Won't stop if the cops put me under arrest
I'm white t-shirt Nike'n it, got green, lightin' it
In the 'lac, bumpin' Jigga, hard knock life'n it
You got som' to say, shut ya trap
Homie wait until I finish my rap
Okay I'm done, go 'head nigga

Ugh, yeah, dude go 'head
Say whatchu gotta say now homie
Yeah, it's No Tamin'
Eh, ugh, Heavyweights
Yeah, ugh, ugh, yeah
Holla at my family man
Ugh, Lil Rod, Finger Roll, Seesaw, Smokey, E-Viscious, Reese
Ugh, yeah No Tamin'
Who'd ya state? Heavyweights ugh
Ether, yeah
Ugh, Big Sneets holla at ya boy
D, Tay
Ugh Indiana's in the, ugh, building
Curly G I ain't forgot you dog
Yeah, yeah
Ugh, Freddie Gibbs
Ugh, yeah
Go get the album

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