Disco 'Full Metal Jackit Vol. 1' (2004) al que pertenece la canción 'Set It Off'

Set It Off

Freddie Gibbs ft. Lil Rod


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Aight, aight, aight, aight that's enough of them songs for the bitches and shit
Let's jump into some heavyweight gangsta shit, yeah

Yo I'm a heavyweight soldier, Indiana Hoosier
You don't wanna throw them thangs cause I'll bruise ya
You don't wanna battle on wax, I'll misuse ya
You might as well take it to gats, get ya ruger
I walk like a pimp cause I got them hoes
I'm arrogant on the mic cause I got them flows
When I'm spittin' I set a track on fire
Now these major labels gotta show me the money like Jerry MaGuire (show me the money man)
And my team comin' hard, is these rap guys ready?
I'm the most valuable player, call me 'Franchise Freddie'
Still broadcastin' live from gangsta Gary
Preachin' you the word like I'm in a sanctuary
I'm the illest nigga in the game, ain't no denyin' it
I'm sick enough to bring Jigga out of retirement
It's Freddie Gangsta Gibbs, the boss in this muthafucka
Me and Lil Rod set it off in this muthafucka

You should call me clockwork cause I got perfect timing
Look under my fingernail, bitch my work is grindin'
Worth supplyin'. man I leave that to the others
I got the best of both worlds, nigga folks and brothers
Woah, I'm too hot, nigga cool me off
You might be hard but yo' muthafuckin' dudes is soft
Dude ya lost, ya muthafuckin' mind or som'
Don't make me go ahead and push that muthafuckin' panic button
Hoosier state, heavyweight, yeah ya heard it before
And through this whole mixtape you gon' hear some more
Because I'm here to change the game, change ya ways
I'm like Samuel L. Jackson changin' lanes
I'm sick of dudes thinkin' this is a game
I'mma treat 'em like a old pair of glasses and change they frame
Change your name, relocate and get the fuck outta ours country
Bitches couldn't see me like I'm wearin' camouflage

Camouflaged up, full metal jackit
Rappers can't handle the pressure, they can't hack it

And if you can then you killin' yo'self
I'm like tweak cause my rhymes got me feelin' myself

Man Rod, these other rap cats don't measure up
They thinkin' they the stuff they ain't fuckin' wit' us

I'll tell you what, I bet you couldn't pay 'em to diss me
Because they sixteens suck like M. Lewinsky

Heavyweights, we get that groupie love, that's how we live
We get these bitches they groove back like Taye Diggs

And I don't play wit' kids, shit you gotsta shag
I'll have yo' top lip lookin' like 'got milk?' ad

Two of Indiana's finest and we up in the buildin'
And ya town's shutdown, hide ya women and children

Kill the civilians, if you in the way you can get it
I think you need to invest in a bulletproof fitted
Bitch set it off

Yeah this ya boy Smokey B, the CEO of this shit muthafucka
You thought I wasn't gonna get on this muthafuckin' track?
Boy you done lost yo' muthafuckin' mind
I'm a muthafuckin' [?] boy
Hoosier state, heavyweights in this muthafucka for life bitch
And fuck all you niggas that don't give a fuck about No Tamin'
Ya muthafuckin' bitch, I'm out this muthafucka
Smokey B ya bitch

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