Freddie Gibbs

She Will Freestyle

Freddie Gibbs


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Caught in this cycle, black American, psychopathic
And I can't do right, baby, doing wrong was my rite of passage
Caught up in the streets like I'm trying to interact with the madness
100 baggies all wrapped in plastic, I'm just a savage
Hotter than these damn streets
Shot this nigga last week
Police on my last nerves
I'm gon make this last serve
Then hit 65 South & I'm back in this bitch
You see me back in the city
That mean I'm back on my dick
Back on that bullshit
Full clip, don't play with a full deck
Ho' if my pack ain't hard up, it ain't made it to my hood yet
Some niggas dirty, I can't wait for the day they burn me
Cause I showed them all no mercy
Lord forgive me, I was thirsty
Gangsta Gibbs, fasho...

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