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Still Standing

Freddie Gibbs


Still Standing Letra

Bodies get laid out
Parties get sprayed out
When they get to trippin it's best to be up in the house
Not on no scared shit nigga that grown man shit
You out for the count if you get put down on this canvas
Switch up your demeanor when you step up in this arena
Shoot up benzes n beamers gangsters got heaters in the steamers
Remember we used to bump that Teila? and get super zooded
I ran with killers whatever they did a nigga was down to do it
He serve a geeker I serve a geeker even when it was snowing
He started rapping shortly after that than I started flowing
I was slammin that dodey he was whippin em with the hard
Treat him like a big brother held this nigga in high regard
Than the bullshit start
The choppers get cocked
Cause niggas around my away don't fight no more gotta be like kobe
Nice with them shots
A nigga I thought was my homie tried to dome me twice with his Glock
But all of that show me is ninety percent of ya niggas is phony and what not
This ain't beef nigga

Uh fuck that beef shit
That shit is played out

It's all a part of my miseducation
It left me with this complex occupation
And put me in some awkward situations
And any nigga know that niggas just don't talk—they just start blazin'
Stay patient

Oh, no
I know somebody gotta feel me
Never knew true love until my homie tried to kill me
Show me all the love I showed was true but niggas is filthy
Niggas is down to get money with you but they really won't show you the real G
Running with niggas that steal from me then got me caught up
And niggas be quick to defend themselves whenever the shit get brought up
And you never know what these niggas be on so when they approach me I bust
The kid stay sucka free I shook them fleas up off of my nuts
Im at the lab and a ho nigga was talkin greasy one day
He said I know you and that bitch I'm sitting outside with this K
I move in silence all that phony tough violence is gay
The price of life is high niggas still got hell to pay
So fuck what you heard I Imma stank em and be complacing
They bust a bird shot but I Dick Chenney these niggas faces
Niggas bout to make me go off
Motherfucker wanna walk shit till a body part get blown off
Pussy you got a K come blow my dough off nigga
This ain't beef

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