Freddie Gibbs

Thug Till It’s Over

Freddie Gibbs


Woody Harrelson in my swisher
Sending 24 pounds to Virginia
Nigga hope you be movin' what I send ya
Tearin' yo area then I'll be right back in ya
Pop a few small towns, I bust 'em wide open
Pop with the coppers I'm on the first thing smokin'
Livin' the drug life, it got me West Coastin'
Life is a pretty bitch that I fuck with no trojan
Go in her raw dog, bareback, the crack would pimp that
Livin' neat, sleep in a dope house on the air mat
Point blank range, his brains all on my air max
Weak niggas, I took care of that, I'm aware of that
Devil just sittin' on my shoulder
Over the years, sold and grown much colder
Father be with me, I'm sick of slangin' these boulders
But I can't stop until I'm the king of these corners
Thug 'til it's over

Smokin' with my young mind
Killin' through the night I hope I live to see the sunshine
And when you niggas put me in the ground
Let my headstone read 'Fuck one time'

And I meant that
Niggas got me, now I gotta get some get back
Got me chillin' where your children and your bitch at
Niggas thinkin' I ain't in the trench cause I spit raps
I got family members smokin' base in the basement
Gotta have my jewelry, cause my uncle might take it
Shoot up the other side, them other fuckers fake it
Blunt in rotation, I think my nigga just laced it
Damn I'm straight wasted

[Hook: Freddie Gibbs] x2

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