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Message of Love

Steve Allen


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You have to walk away.
You know it's so long,
And it's been almost a year now,
It drives me crazy...
Ever since you went away,
I miss you more and more (mmm)
But I just wanna hear your voice,
And hold you like before
We spent our time

We spend so sweetly.
Your love and mine,
Make the message of love.

There's a loneliness I think we share (mmm)
A face in every crowd (yeah)
And when I lie awake at night,
You seem to hang around

We'll climb every mountain
And ford any stream
And know that I,
We'll find our dream my love,
For you and I,
It's a message of love

Yeah Yeah
Yeah Yeah
I say the words
The same old story
And baby come home
Is my message of love
To you,
To you...
I'm walking away,
I hear your voice,
And it…

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