Disquito sustituye a The Latin Rascals


I Want Out Letra

I want out
I want out
I want out

Little girl
You were all I wanted in this world
Young and sweet
Your seductive way
Let me out your fit

Now you changed
Let me out this even me
Little girl
[?] time has come to me leave

It's all over
Time for me to go now

I want out
Leave me alone
Don't bother calling 'cause I won't be home
I want out
It's nothing new
It's like the first time
i words ever use

I want out
It's time to show you a thing or two
I want out
Girl, it's too late
The party's over, baby, just can't stay

Now you're back
Try to work your way into my heart again
Not so fast
This [?] mend

Broke my heart
As if you [?]
Which is way
I decided to love someone new

You hurted me
I loved you
Let you play with me

You left me
With a broken heart

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