Rich the Kid

16 oz

Rich the Kid ft. 55Bagz, Famous Dex y Mike Mulah


(Rich and Dex)One chain cost a mansion (ice)
Rich forever diamonds dancing
Look at my diamonds they bling, I only f*** with diamonds rings
Rollie cost another mansion
Take your bitch ?
I'm sippin lean, she got no Panties
Hunnit pounds in the attic
Trap out the house, I trap out my grandmother house
That's a quarter million dollars on the couch (squa)
Rich forever chain iced out (what)
I f*** your bitch on the couch
Yah I wet up on her blouse
She sucking dick, I kick her out
Put her in coffin, carbon copy how I'm ballin?
You call an Uber in the morning, I give her dick when she yawning
I'm sipping on lean til I pass out
Run up on me blow your back out
Broke ni*** sippin wokhart
Maserati got the push start
I used to play round In the backyard
Couple bands for the goyard
Fuck her I can't trust her
You're a stupid mother fuc***
Hey, all of my bullets explosive, CMG baby we loaded (loaded!)
Percocet, lean, I'm an addict
Reach for my cup imma attack ya
Baby I ain't average I bought a mazi to crash it (Skrt)
I make thot do a backflip
Nigga f*** school I'm trapping
Patek Phillipe like magic, look at them diamonds dancing
I don't want to beef with not rappers I know them niggas just actors
I whip one hunnit k plus taxes
Come in my trap imma tax ya
We coming thru with the backend, my niggas bringing a ratchet
Standing on tables on ratchet, facin on bottles don't pass it
My chain, my bitch, I don't need no fashion
My friend my plug, my outlet
I'm in love with trapping
Send me your location I might send a package
(Verse 1)

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