Heaven’s Cry

A Higher Moral Ground

Heaven’s Cry


The fall of the kingdom has left a rich soil
A new morality in the form is sown
Previous facts are now exposed

The thorns brought on the previous dawn
Defences, a perception to keep us strong

The destruction in the past
Is used to form a common sense
In the construction of the present path
The moral high ground now prevails!

Power centers shall not be late
Institutions now direct the song
New wonders and discovery
All appear as gold and stone
An illusion!

The colors are set so bright
That all else seems dark and grey
All senses numbed to explore
The moral high ground now prevails!

The nomads, separate for the crowd
Fearing blindness
Watch the scene of the dying soil
The kingdom, for survival
Plants its morals on foreign lands

And the story repeats itself
As the kingdom rules through fear
Oppression, hypocrisy, denial
Forge a lie on moral grounds

The kingdom has now grown old
Distorted, no different from the last
The songs from the nomads
Echo in a new dawn

And as the kingdom falls again
A once dissenting voice is heard
Becomes the beacon for the suffering
Of fresh ideas, thought and growth

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