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Cruel, the fight of all time, everyone is invited
No swords, no knives, nor blood said the prophet, liar by profession
And if you fail, you lose your mind
You can't recall your past
You're pulverized!
The enemy's side takes over your own, enslaved
An alienation of your wraith still alive
You can't remember
You've been poisoned by someone else's brain
Just can't recall it!
In battle, you seek for weakness until you find
Then you attack!?
And you take away their identity
Changed moralities, forever yours
You use their will for your own ideals, betrayed
A reproduction of your own state of mind
They can't remember
They've been possessed by the links of your brain
Just can't recall it!
(and the wise man proposed a way to stop the conflicts):
To reach a new plane;
The ascension all ancestors denied
Increase level of consciousnessuntil you get to the highest knowledge
And turn into light
Fly to arise

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