Heaven’s Cry

The Inner Stream Remains

Heaven’s Cry


The Inner Stream Remains Letra

Been so hard, to keep my soul alive
The essence of my whole being misplaced
Just like a curse, a shadow of a beast
A seed sown in my mind
A machine eating me inside
But I couldn't resign
I tried to leave the lie, fell into denial
And then built a shield around waiting inside to be found
My spirit locked in a shell
(as you're trapped in one as well?)
Trying to reach the highest state
Carried by the inner stream remains
Peace, I cannot set my mind in peace
There's always something here that drives you down
Lost sanity, my spiritual life in decay
You can't lead it all alone
And cannot always choose with whom you deal
In this circus of mindless crooks at play
They took us all for fools, handcuffed to a dying root
Cannot move outside their rules, couldn't find my way back to you
Now they want us crucified
(hoping you won't even try?)
Just reaching higher planes, carried by the inner stream remains

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