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How You Ain’t Know

Famous Dex (ft. Diego Money)


Dexter (Plug)
You know what I'm saying
Wavebros, we've seen about everything
You know what I'm saying
AP on my, eh, you know
Yeah, ooh, yeah

[Verse 1 - Famous Dex]
Ballin' out, lookin' so fly
I'm poppin' these pills
I swear I be high
Two bitches plunging, they bowin'
My money blow like the sky
How you ain't know
I get the money
I swear you so broke
I got that lil' bitch through the coke
I had them pour me a four
How you ain't know
They copyin' my wave
They think I'm so slow
Run up on me, cut your throat
Swear to god, I was so broke
How you ain't know
Juggin' niggas sellin' soap
Hanging bitches by the rope
I want the money, I swear I need more

[Verse 2 - Diego Money]
How you know that I was the man
How you know that we was with the bands
How you know that was a slap
Me and Dex pulled up in a brand new Lamb
We only smoke out of elbows
Bitches flexin' on mirrors
They see us, they do us, the wave bros
You runnin', nigga, how you did know
Play with the bands like playdough
Drop me a 4 in the Faygo
Your bitch, she do what I say so
Stackin' the cash like Legos
How you ain't know
How you ain't know
How you ain't know
How you ain't know

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