Diamonds Letra

I pour that lean in the double-cup, 4,500 stuffed in my joggers
I got a lil' bitch in college be cuttin' up, she mix her Hennessy with the molly
If you knew what I knew, boy, you wouldn't try me
Price on your head, boy, go get that body
'Cause if it ain't running nose, it's Eddy Murphy
These all dirty hunnids from catching bodies
Just came back from South by Southwest in Austin
All the white people telling me that I'm awesome
Came a long way from taking no losses
Don't fuck with lames, I kick it with bosses
Don't give a fuck, get it from my daddy
If I roll in my past, then just teach your family
Niggas ain't killing me, niggas ain't feeling me
Niggas ain't real as me, niggas some hoes
Ask for low, put them things on the road
Right hand on my soul, I don't love none of these hoes
Niggas get in they feelings and diss me subliminally
Then they be wondering what done got into me
I got the juice, you know juice give you energy
Fuck out your feelings, don't care who ain't feeling me
Your girl always feeling me, look
I fucked the bitch, turn into a monster
Now that's your bitch, you tell her you love her
Pull off in a rental, come back in a foreign
Get miss and dismiss the bitch because she boring
Fuck all that taxing, it's getting annoying
I need a freaky bitch like to do porn
She like to think she Kardashian
When Baby Jesus done rappin', I'm taxin' em
Business is business, don't like it then fuck ya
Yeah, that's my nigga, don't mean that I trust him
I'm still 'bout whatever, my nigga, I love you
Whenever the shit hit the fan, need some crutches
Whenever the shit hit the fan, bitch, I'm bustin'
You ever feel lucky? Come see if I'm bluffin'
Yeah, you niggas know that's a no-go
Jammin' that paperwork, boy, that's a no-no
Keep being affiliated with the po-po

Hold on, hold on, hold on, Snip, hold on, man
You gotta stop that shit right there, man
I can not be affiliated with the po-po
All police-ass niggas stay away from me, man
I don't fuck around with pork, you hear me?
I'm half-Muslim, you already know

Boy, where they do that at
That partnership, she said you gon' ride
Shoot me a nigga, I don't fuck with snitches
You niggas is bitches, you tell on real niggas
Then get out of prison
Can't wait 'til the day that they free all my niggas