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Baby Jesus

Fuck all that flexin', that shit don't even impress me
The shit that these niggas doing, I did 2011
She wanna cuff a young nigga, tryna arrest me
She steady sending me messages textin' callin me sexy
Got a weakness for my complexion, she eat me up like I'm Nestle
In the car gettin' head on the phone like Tommy on Belly
Woo, damn, I had to hang up the phone
Thinking 'bout that mouth, I done forgot the name of the song: Flex
Okay, I got it, let's get it, let's switch the topic
I made this song at the crib, I recorded it in my boxers
Hey, I'm gon' cut up 'cause I know that these niggas watchin'
And niggas gon' have to kill me 'cause ain't no way they can stop me
I'm breaking bread with my niggas, we maximizing the profit
I shake my head at these niggas, they seem to be lacking knowledge
And I'm in the whip with a freak, she get money and go to college
She hit me up every week just to talk about all her problems
I tell her to let it go 'cause depression'll get the best of you
Ain't no room to be questionin' people that's standing next to you
If you ain't comprehending the shit that a nigga telling you
You should pick up a book, it's a lot of life left ahead of you, yeah
Vibe with me, let me pick at your brain
I grew up with a couple nigga I can't look at the same, no
Remember when I was a peewee, I knew I belonged on a TV
And now the same people who didn't believe me
Ironically, they wanna be me
You gotta have faith if you're trying to be great
Maintaining your focus through all of the hate
Keep sight of your vision in spite of opinions
A master Patek, nigga, minding my business
My mind on a million, my pockets was empty
I'm sending to fill 'em, ask God for forgiveness
He told me keep grinding and now that I'm winning
I know he created me with a purpose
And now when they see Baby Jesus, they nervous
No other shit possible to me, it can't hurt me
Gotta be wise, man, them eyes on my circle
These niggas unloyal, these niggas ain't for you, nope
Hm, let me talk to you for a minute
You give 'em too much attention
They ought to be in your business
I'm not the hottest, just kidding, I'm being modest
When claiming that I'm the best, ain't no flexin', I'm being honest
I recollect their respective, not feeling me when I started
Relentless consistency, now they realize I'm the hardest
I know I'm the biggest target, unfortunately they garbage
But this is the type of music that's supposed to reppin' Charlotte
Like I be tellin' niggas, like, I'm the best in my city (Charlotte)
I do this for y'all
Watch how you talk to me
Glad you want me to take it outside
You wonder why niggas don't play with Lil' John?
'Cause they know I stay with that iron
One thing I'm not into is wasting my time
I'm not finna play with your mind
Knew she was a freak when I looked in her eyes
I love the way that she ride, yeah
But I can't trust her 'cause I know how it go
And you probably wouldn't cuff her if you know what I know, hey
But shit, that's somethin' you gotta learn on your own, yeah
And yeah, I snapped on every word on this song, flex!

Charlotte, Charlotte, Baby Jesus, Jesus
You already know it
You already know it
Baby Jesus

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