KeKe (Freestyle)



That ain't DaBaby, that's my baby

Fuck KeKe nigga
You paid her for the pussy, got if free-free nigga, huh (Free)
I'm the man, my city need me nigga (Huh)
People all around the country play my CD nigga (Huh, huh)
I'm a extra special nigga, I don't you'd choose to sleep on
Run up on me, he gone
It's hot outside, the heat on
I don't wanna chit-chat, you know I'm really with that
I'mma do it right there, don't gotta get no getback
I'm in and out the airport, I'm always out the city
I got bitches cryin' for me at my show like I'm Drizzy
Like to do my dance on them hoes, yeah, they dig it (Yea)
Got these other niggas actin' like some hoes, they in their feelings (Aye, aye, aye, aye)
Don't know how these niggas doin' but it's gravy on my side
You in the car, you gotta have a gun, that's how I ride (Ah)
You know that I had to grow some nuts and try you on the timeline (huh)
Can't even pay his phone bill, he hatin' on the Wi-Fi, damn (Brrr)
You coulda' spent that time with ya' kids
I've been spendin' time with mine, that's just how a nigga is
I don't need no recognition, that's just how a nigga live
Every nigga with me felon, I ain't ridin' with no friends
They like the way I switch that
Everybody want a piece of me
Bitch I'm a Kit-Kat, chocolate-ass nigga
Bring a chocolate nigga shit back (Huh)
I knock a nigga shit back (Huh)
You saw ya' homeboy shoot some
You prolly never did that (Hmm)
These niggas be some small fries
Actin' like some big cats
Before they got their first pound
I was sellin' 10-packs
Ya' nigga need to sit up
I prolly need to sit back
I'm heavy, bitch I'm big weight
I'm workin' on my six-pack
He in and out the gym now
He trynna get his bitch back
We front you and you ran out
He trynna get his shit back (Hahaha)
And that shit got you in your feelings
I just gotta be real with ya'

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