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Leave Me Alone (Freestyle)



Somebody tell these rappers, leave me 'lone now
My feature price went up, I charge 5K for a song now
That's too high for you? Fuck ya, I should really charge you ten
I went and broke bread with the family when I could've bought a Benz
They know what it was, they know what it is
I built up a buzz, I cut off some friends
Them niggas was fake, my niggas was real
My cousin went state, he need an appeal
I'm having filet, it's fresh off the grill (Hmm)
These niggas ain't ate, just look at they ribs
Just stay out my way if you wanna live
The last nigga played, he no longer here
God damn! (Turn up!)
I put a fuck nigga up (Yuck)
I'm in the store with my daughter, the cameras recording, they know it was tucked (Bitch!)
Them niggas ain't really know that it was up with me, now niggas know that it's up (Uh-huh)
And they act like they traumatized by how I did 'em but I really don't give a fuck (Uh-uh)
No I really don't give a damn (Ha)
Too late when that bitch in my hand (Ha)
They know I'm the shit, I'ma stand (Yeah)
I blew his shit on the cans (Boom!)
They wanna see me in the jam, and throw out the key and take me from the fam (Ah)
Just make sure when you play with me that you ready, I'll put you to sleep like a Xan, bitch
Somebody tell these rappers, leave me 'lone now (Brrt, brrt, brrt)
They heard I caught a body, everybody call'n my phone now
I know that you ain't 'bout it, when you got smoke ,you pull your phone out (Bitch)
You better use your brains, you'll fuck around and get 'em blown out (Boom!)
Bitch I'm tired, forgive me if I zone out
You know it's way harder to sleep (Uh-huh)
When you got your heart in the streets (Yeah)
I make them throw a white sheet on your ass, you better call the police (Brrt, brrt)
And I've just been itching to stop me a nigga, so don't get it started with me, you better

Leave me alone
Just stay up out my way before somebody die today, god damn
Leave me alone
Stay up out my way before somebody die today, hey, hey
Leave me alone
.40 on my waist, in the car I got the K, hey, hey
Leave me alone
I'm on they ass today, it's DaBaby, baby, baby

Bitch ass nigga
Fuck you talkin' bout, the best mothafuckin' rapper, the prettiest Charlotte nigga alive
Baby Jesus AKA Da-motherfuckin-Baby AKA think it ain't on me, man (Realest motherfucker rapper man)
Billion dollar baby shit man, Charlotte shit man, Carolina shit man, ya dig?
Huh, huh
Leave me alone
(Ay man, cut that hoe out right there)

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