The Wallflowers

Have Mercy On Him Now

The Wallflowers


Have some faith, pass it down
Let him know the way back is easily found
When he's ready he'll come around
Shine a light, show him how
He needs it more than ever right about now
At least one foot on the ground

There's no way of knowing how much one heart can hold
Or how long it'll last in the wilderness out on its own
Stop letting him down
Have mercy on him now

It's not that easy, it's bittersweet
Having to watch him out there finding his feet
Seeing him cut his own teeth
Keep it simple keep it straight
All the pitches right up and over the plate
And even give him a break

Shadow people all eyes are all smoke
Changing their bodies out like they were coats
Don't know why but you won't
Have mercy on him now

You're not giving that much hope
Hardly even a little bit of rope
In doing it just when it matters the most

Even a dog knows a stumble from a kick
His own reflection in the water he drinks
He's not fooled if that's what you think

Anyway anyhow, have mercy on him now
Show some mercy
Show some mercy now
Have mercy on him now

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