Canción 'Crush' interpretada por Useless I.D.

Crush Letra

Useless I.D.

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CRUSH es una canción de Useless I.D..

Letra 'Crush'

I took a walk outside and carried thoughts
of you with me to the ocean
a faded image seen from far away
reminded me of you
mabye now it's time to let it out
If i say hello, would you hide away
while the dream of love at first site dies out
here i am losing you once agian, tonight
I know where you're at and i know even better that i got a crush on since the summer came around
if you'd listen up, give me achance
to express the way i feel
i promise you we'd be alright
If i say goodbye, would it be the last
two more years and you might know me
i will be the one singing this melody to you
Nothing left to say since you heard it all
but there's one more thing you should know
ever since that day i can't stop thinking of you