Finish Line



Finish Line Letra

Shivering inside...
A private December...
Used to wanna hide
Instead o' remember
Then the warrior in me awoke
Risin' like a phoenix from the smoke
If I have a chance, I'm ready to take it
Cuttin' through the noise, a familiar voice
From the finish line
Tellin' me to try!
Tellin' me to run ‘til the race is done
'Til the finish line... Finish line!
If I'm humbled, If I stumble
Won't give up again!
Long as I'm alive, promise I'm-a strive
For the finish line... Finish line!
Got a lotta scars...
I'm workin' on healin'
Under them are stars...
Explodin' in feelin'
Was afraid if I experienced
It again... would it be too intense?
Though I'm terrified, I'm ready to do it...
Cuttin' through the noise, a familiar voice...
Yeah-eh-yeah... After all the tears...
Yeah-eh-yeah... Now my vision's clear
Yeah-eh- yeah... I'm beginning to
Be the girl he never really knew!
'Cause o' someone else
I struggled, I lost me...
Then I heard myself
And saw what ‘e cost me

Datos de esta canción

FINISH LINE es una canción de Edurne. Agradecemos a Artihaust por haber sudido la letra de Finish Line.