Lil Mosey

Ten Toes Down Challenge

Lil Mosey


Ten Toes Down Challenge Letra

Laying wake thinking how long its gon take
Every other day I just tryna count up this cake
People tell me slow down I moving too fast
But wait, I'm tryna get rich today
I pray to god when on he keep blessing me
Cuz the way things lookin I think its gon work out for me
But honestly I'm too impatient
And every time I move I be contemplating
Whether not I should load up a gun
Let it bust on a nigga
Or should I stay to myself
And let them keep disrepecting me nigga
Just to let you know
Should I chase the fast life
Forget about school 'cause I might but I fear my mother
Would be scared to hug me
Do you know how it feel
To go to sleep with half a mill
No water or power yeah you know the deal
They claiming support but don't really care
Tryna sell these takers so I can get up in the air
Do you got some change some spare
I bet you don't
But that's at least what you say
If it don't benefit you, you say get out my way
But imma get it anyway
But I already know when it was good for me
You gonna wanna come my way
Ya see you didn't wanna help till u thought it was beneficial
Cuz now you see me wit bitches that blow the whistle
Ya niggas want war so Im shooting like a missile
Ya bitch I'm wit her
And niggas finna get mad when I push em out the picture
Just look they say I act abnormally different than the rest of my age
But all you gotta do is open your mind and turn the page
Continue on your path to be the best
And even when you tired you don't have time to rest
But you probably ain't even listen
Most you niggas claiming but then pay less attention
If you ain't helpin' me you can go by your day
Most of you niggas won't understand anyway

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