Lil Mosey

XXL Freshman Freestyle: Lil Mosey

Lil Mosey


XXL Freshman Freestyle: Lil Mosey Letra

Me and A Royce got a mil again
He hopped in a Wraith and I hopped in a Lamb
Just need new money, don't need no new friends
2016, turned five to a ten
100 round drum, shoot a nigga in his face now
Pull up on a nigga, I leave him face down
Just got a mil put it straight in my Sprayground
Five gram woods smoking straight to my face now
Meet at the projects, bitch we shooting
Just tryna fuck, don't go to the movies
I told them niggas, this band kids a movement
Big .23, we aim and you moving
You a little smoker, you don't got no MACs
Came from the home, we started from scratch
Like to shoot movies, we run round the map
We with the beefin, it's just like that, gang

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