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Robert And Marie Letra

Lili & Sussie


Robert And Marie (Letra/Lyrics)

I can still recall the first time when i saw you,
There was something bout' your eyes
Something bout' your eyes that made me call you,
Like a fire in the skies

What else could I do? This feeling was new

Oh, I saw it clearly we were meant to be
I called you up, said Robert, it's Marie

From that moment you were never far away,
All I cared about was you
You were on my mind which mean it night and day
There was nothing I could do

All my friends used to say love could not stand this way

Oh, still I know that we were meant to be
We'll be forever Robert and Marie

It was long ago, but I can still remember all the things we used to do
Everything I wrote have been returned to sender
How can I get trough to you?

It's so hard to go on. Did I do something wrong?

Oh, why can't you see that we were meant to be?
We'll be forever Robert and Marie

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ROBERT AND MARIE es una canción de Lili & Sussie. Agradecemos a shemkasai por haber sudido la letra de Robert And Marie.