TrapGold - Intro (Dali)

Intro (Dali) Letra

Iggy Azalea


Intro (Dali) (Letra/Lyrics)

And you've dedicated your life to art
In view of this, why do you behave the way that you do?
For instance, you have been known to drive in a car filled to the roof
With, uh, cauliflowers
You lectured as I mentioned, once with your head enclosed in a diving helmet and you almost suffocated
You issue bizarre statements about your love for rhinoceros horns and so on
You're a dedicated artist, why do you or why must you do these things?

Because, uh, these kind of eccentricities, uh, correspond with the more important and the more tragical part of my life

Trap Gold (trap gold, trap gold)

Datos de esta canción

INTRO (DALI) es una canción de Iggy Azalea del año 2012, este tema está incluido dentro del disco TrapGold. Agradecemos a Plexice por haber sudido la letra de Intro (Dali).