Brian Eno

Driving me Backwards Letra

Brian Eno


Driving me Backwards (Letra/Lyrics)

Oh, oh
Doo doo doo doo doo doo dah
I'll be there
Oh, driving me backwards
Kids like me gotta be crazy
Moving me forwards
Perhaps you think that I'm lazy
Meet my relations
All of them grinning like facepacks
Such sweet inspiration
Curl me up, a flag in an icecap
Now I've found a sweetheart
Treats me good, just like an armchair

I try to think about nothing
Difficult, I'm most temperamental
I gave up my good living
Typical, I'm most sentimental
Ah Luana's black reptiles
Sliding 'round, make chemical choices
And she responds as expected
To the only sound, hysterical voices
And you are driving me backwards
Kids like me gotta be crazy
Doo doo doo dodoo dodah
I'll be there

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