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Hannah Diamond


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[Verse 1]
So far from perfection
Wish that I could transform my reflection
See through imperfections
All in my mind, so hard to hide
(To hide, to hide)

Two of me
I see things that you can't see
Replace and delete
Makeover my reality
Erase you from me
'Cause you're imperfect symmetry
You are not like me
Nor that who I long to be

[Verse 2]
It's all a deception
You don't know who you are, it's a question
(A question)
But you love perfection
Hard to believe, but you will see
(Will see, will see, will see)

Two of you
You see things you don't want to
Rewind and undo
This feels like it's déjà vu
You'll be shining through
Wiping off the residue
A clearer view
Of you for you


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