Static and Ben El Tavori

Let Alone You Letra

Static and Ben El Tavori


Let Alone You (Letra/Lyrics)

It was Sunday afternoon, I was sunk in my
Football game was on Tampa Bay and Carolina
I wasn’t payin’ much attention
The volume down, not watchin’ it at all
This house was like an ice box, had all the
curtains drawn
I had it more like a hotel room and less
like a home
It’s been so quiet around here lately
I wasn’t thinkin’ anyone would call

Let alone you
All the way from Dallas
Out of the blue
Sayin’ that you missed us
And time and distance made you see
You were lost without me
How did you know
I’d finally hit the bottom
An all time low
Was suddenly forgotten
The sound of your voice on the line
Made fate turn circles on a dime
Just when I thought I’d never find
somebody new
Let alone you

Now here I am at the baggage claim
A nervous wreck waitin’ on your plane
Wringin’ my hands, checkin’ my watch
I never dreamed forty-eight hours ago
I’d be standin’ here waitin’ on
Anyone, no not anyone

Repeat Chorus

Let alone you

Datos de esta canción

LET ALONE YOU es una canción de Static and Ben El Tavori. Agradecemos a Cedric Dominguez por haber sudido la letra de Let Alone You.