Paranoia Letra



Paranoia (Letra/Lyrics)

I been thinkin’ that I think too much
And I can’t sleep but I can dream of us, oh
But I’ve always been a dreamer
Tell me what happens when I wake up

On my wishlist, paranoia
Kinda wish that I didn’t know ya
Don’t need nothin’ don’t need no one
I’d say I’m better off with no love
But this is different
Maybe this could change the ending
I might save the world or end it

But I shouldn’t have to chase you down
I’m too far to chase you now
I might runaway ‘cause I’m afraid to show my face around
I don’t know when it happened
But I know you someone special to me
I been sippin’ potions baby this is just a remedy

I don’t know how much I can take
It takes an ocean for me not to break, oh
It’s been a few months and I still ain’t okay
I just wish that I could forget everything
And girl I can’t lie got me feelin’ a way
Whenever you text me I’m feelin’ okay
Something is nothin, nothin is something
With that being said why don’t we become everything

Flights connect, If i had a chance it just ain’t showin’ yet
And I know I wouldn’t blow it, yeah
‘Cause we’re in love but just don’t know it yet
I don’t know how much I can take

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PARANOIA es una canción de Koshi que se estrenó el . Agradecemos a Veromúsica por haber sudido la letra de Paranoia.