Black Lips

Can’t Get Me Down Letra

Black Lips


Can’t Get Me Down (Letra/Lyrics)

I'm gonna tell you a story
'Bout my last day at school
And all the bitches
And all the rules
Well, here comes that lady
Calls me a disgrace
So I
In her motherfucking face
In her motherfucking face

Ain't gon' bring me down
Well you said you gon', you gon' try put me down
Well you had said nah, you can't make me frown

I like 'em long
I like 'em thick
I like 'em tall
I like 'em spread
I like 'em anyway you gon' give it to me
So get right now
C'mon little woman, cause
You ain't gon' put me down
Well you had said it, oh yes, you can't put me down
Well you had said it, well you gon' try, you gon' try and put me down
(scat singing)

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