Black Lips

Dawn of the Age of Tomorrow Letra

Black Lips


Dawn of the Age of Tomorrow (Letra/Lyrics)

What I'm talking about, uh-huh

[?] for some reefer
And his brain was
He made a powerful drug
But knows he oughta be begging to
Well throw the dog a bone
While the
Can't [?] to sweet talk
And a [?], well champagne, uh-huh

C'mon y'all, won't you listen
While a mutant mind keep on
Garbage bag pissin'
[?] just kissin'
The KK keeps on dissin'
But it's the TV that you're missin'

Ain't got time for half of your
Public intellectual sphere
Subculture mixing with every tweeker
And every penny is a cent cause I'm sending in a search to fuc*** seek out
In the future,
Freak out, freak out, freak out, freak out, freak out, freak out!

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