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Black Lips


Funny (Letra/Lyrics)

We're rolling
Are you headstrong?
Cause something is about to get gone
We love it
Calling mayday
SOS, I don't know
Where's my baby?

I don't feel so corny now
Now that the world's turned upside down
I'm that boy who thinks it's funny

I feel like I'm going down in the same round
A thought in my mind made me hear that empty sound
I'm that boy who thinks it's funny

So funny..

We're riding, little lady
Come and suck some milk from my titties
I love you like an Eskimo hand grenade
Pull the clip little baby let's explode today

[Chorus] x2


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FUNNY es una canción de Black Lips que se estrenó el . Agradecemos a XaviBarna por haber sudido la letra de Funny.