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Go Out and Get It Letra

Black Lips


Go Out and Get It (Letra/Lyrics)

Ice cream at the corner store
You get two for just a dollar more
The fun spot you love to reach
From the comforts of a sunny beach, but

There's one thing you gotta know
If you really wanna go and go

If you want to go out and get it
Don't be late and you won't regret it
Won't be there forever so
Better run fast, not too slow

A parakeet in a bed shop window
Can't fly where the wind goes
Come to home and you weren't home
You'll get the stadium and not the dome, yeah

All the things that you want mostly
I'll tell you how, just listen closely

Have a party with all your friends
Party favors, there'll be no end
Find a person to treat you right
Be by your side all through the night, well

If there's something that you desire
The only way it transpires is

[Guitar Solo]

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