Black Lips

Slime and Oxygen Letra

Black Lips


Slime and Oxygen (Letra/Lyrics)

Four years ago I was lost, I went to parties and saw kids hand around blacklights. I saw girls take aerosol spray and spray it down their throat

I walked the path of million men
I gorge the belly I fight and sin
Battles in the Trojan War
I drink the wine and blood of before
A nimble skull will always crack
1000 year faithful attack
Will a coward die from calloused hands
3000 rationed spinach cans

Juggernaut will crush the bum
Combatant of the drunken slum
Gnawing on the greed of war
Judges turn the eye of the lord
A giddy doctrine will not live
A pancake covered battle shield
We must condemn the weaker mind
For your book that must be bind

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