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Winter in the north Letra

Cygnus Rock Band


Winter in the north (Letra/Lyrics)

A time the all-father, takes his land
He quilts and blankets it, in gray sky
He sends his, cold strong winds
To the bone they cut and lay, bare man’s skin

The sun peeks late, over the fjord
It hides early, over the ships moored
this ephemeral, winter sun
barely caresses the horizon

Hearth fire, kept strong and bright
Fading Skadi’s brushstrokes, through the night
A welcomed warmth, filling the home
Warming one’s soul, to the bone

It’s a time to share, food and warmth
A time for folk lore and tales to impart
Families gathered around the hearth
Winter the north, can be tough

The snow loves, the trees and fields
It gently kisses them, as they bow and kneel
“go to sleep my darlings, in spring you will heal
Your bounty will be great for autumn harvest meal”

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