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Circle Letra

Allen Stone


Circle (Letra/Lyrics)

Time, what's with all this time?
The world rotates as I fall behind
Change, what's with all this change?
Years go by but I stay the same

Fear, what's with all this fear?
I push back but it always stays here
Pace, how can I keep this pace?
The damage done is now taking shape

Inside of this circle, there are no corners to hide
Every line I follow leads me back inside
Gravity pulls me from the center every time
And gravity pulls me from my center every time

Hope, where did I lose my hope?
Life moves quick when you're quick to choke
Faith, where can a man find faith?
The damage done is now taking shape


Datos de Circle

CIRCLE es una canción de Allen Stone, este tema está incluido dentro del disco Radius. Agradecemos a XabiBarna por haber sudido la letra de Circle.