Creep (Cover) Letra



Creep (Cover) (Letra/Lyrics)

When I was here before
Could not look you in the eyes
It’s just liked an angel
Her skin makes you cry

I float like a feather
This beautiful world
You wish you were special
So, do I

But you are a…
You are a liar
What are you doing here?
You don’t belong here

You don’t care if it hurts
You just want to have control
You want a perfect body
You want a perfect soul

You want me to notice (Yes you do)
When you are not around
I wish you were special (Yes, I do)
Cause I think you are special

Maybe I am just a…
Who is to say, maybe we are a liar?
What are we doing here?
We don’t belong here

Datos de Creep (Cover)

CREEP (COVER) es una canción de Prince. Agradecemos a Sirro Count Grishnackh . por haber sudido la letra de Creep (Cover).