It is hard to accept that you are alone, but alone you are
After you love, after you talk, loneliness returns
And then you go and just get lost in a crowded place
You need to leave your ego back, leave it behind.

One more drop in the rain you are, in loneliness.

Perfect is the one who gives their love, and loves in loneliness.
Who after loving does not ask for more, and shines in loneliness
Under the sun two one they are, always in loneliness
Under the sun, the sun itself, there is truth...

One more drop in the rain you are

Alone, in front of the immensity
Alone, in front of sea
Alone, darkness is in front of me

You are brief and fierce, you come, you go, and now alone you are
You are brief and fierce, you come, You go, came back again, you are always on your own
there is no pain that hurts much more than this loneliness
There is no pain.

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* Gracias a RIVERA - SANTOS por haber añadido esta letra el 9/3/2020.

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