Ann Marie

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Damn Juice you drippin' the sauce
Say goodbye
Say goodbye, mind games
The way you move

Heard you out here choosing
Then you lie right to my face, do I look stupid?
Guess you single now, 'cause that's the way you moving
I know all about the shit you out here doing
Including all the hoes you been pursuing

Fuck you and them bitches, I'm no longer tripping
I'm done putting up with your shit
Why you step out on us, what I wasn't enough
Had me looking in the mirror different
Boy, I let you treat me like I wasn't that bitch
Took a while to figure that you wasn't on shit
Nigga out here thinking that he really that slick

I know all about the shit you tried to downplay
Sick and tired of you playing these mind games
I hate that I can't get back the time wasted
Gave you loyalty, but you couldn't meet me halfway (You couldn't meet me halfway)
Got these hoes looking at me sideways

Downplay heartbreak, you playing these mind games
I hate I can't get back all the time wasted
Disgrace bitch made, that hoe was a down grade
Time for us to part ways
You play too many mind games

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