Jeremiah Freed

Letra de la canción

I wish I knew how I can tell
That you still hear me.
Your laughter has dulled,
Your smiles will fade away.

I feel it now.
I am right by your side she told me
I know right where you are.
Sit and dream as I wait by the shore,

I know you're not coming.
I see your face in and out of the waves,
I'll let them take you away.
I am right by your side she told me,

I know right where you are.
I am right 'cause I know
Everything in this world,
Found nothing useful.

Open up all of the curtains in the morning,
Let the light shine thorugh.
Hang them there until
They fall into the evening,

When it all shines through.
It all shines through.

Jeremiah Freed
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