Letra de la canción

Say I don't mind
What you do to me
If you waste my time
Then it's meant to be
I called your number (Yes I did)
Like you told me to

Like a puppet on a string
I'm go'n dance and I'm go'n sing
I will do most anything
If you promise me da bang, bang, bang!

Don't want to lie
I just want to do it
But some other guy (Baby)
Has beat me to it
If you're in love (Well)
We're to of a kind (Yes we are)
What good is your body, baby
Without your mind (Not much)

Hit me, niggas!

So here's the story
I'm here for you
Without the boring
Without the cool
When you try to fake it (Baby)
And you want to get through (You know what I'm talkin' about)


Bang, bang, bang!
Yeah! Ooh!
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