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Tales Of Taboo (Radio Mix)

Karen Finley

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You don't own me bastard
You fuc*** asshole
You wanna suck my pu***
Well let me suck your dick
Suck your dick bastard bitch

Ooh I wanna get your wiener in my ass
Well I've got your ƒuckin' cock
And it's in my t*** good

I'm not gonna give it up you piece a $hit
You can't own me like you have
Just start lickin' that little pu*** juice
And maybe I'll take that c***
Put it on your face bastard
put it on your mind

Ooh get me off
Get me off
Ooh get me off right now

Let me tell you how I take the yams
Ooh I stick it up my granny's ass
She's a real real nice granny
Ooh and I never touch her s*****

'cause she's my granny
Ooh and I love her a**
Ooh I take those Belgian waffles
Ooh I smear it up her crack
And I put it up her b*******
'cause I love those Belgian waffles
Ooh and I take that Belgian beer
Ooh I'm comin' ooh I'm comin'
Get me off get me off get me off
suck my nubs suck my nubs
suck my tits
suck my c*** suck
my dibs cud my dub boy oh Ah-yah I got it

ooh mama mama you are suckin' your granny
ooh you are fucj your sister too
and I've got those mulatto children
that are sittin' under my dress
ooh get me off get me off get me comin' boy

I'll suck your wiener for you
You don't know what it's like to be finger ƒucked
You wish you could be a baby maker
Oh you wish you just wanna be fuc*** in your ass
But you'll never know what it's like
'cause I've got those multiple orgasms
And I'm comin' every night

Ooh boy
Just suck me off
Just suck my tits
Just get me going right
Ooh make me a t** sandwich
Ooh get me going right
I want my granny's ass
I want me a dwarf

I want your wiener in my mouth
Ooh I want those wieners in my cock
Ooh I got a cock too
Ooh it's called a c******* and you never knew what
Ooh boy get me off off too

Ooh I'm swimming in my piss
And I'm gonna to s*** in your ears
Ooh shit boy just shit in my mouth
Ooh f*** me you bastard bitch

Ooh you don't own me let me wipe your face
Let me piss in your mouth
Ooh boy I'm going to shit on you
I'm gonna pull that cock
I'm gonna to tug at those b****
ooh let me suck those b****
Gonna take a big brown hot steamin' shit on you woman

Ooh I'm gonna make you come
Ooh boy I'm on the subway with those b**s
And they're just drinkin' my piss
Ooh baby I just love you
Ooh baby get me off get me comin' get me comin' get me off get me off

Get me comin' suck me [reverb]
Get me off
Get me off
Get me off off off

ooh I'm swimmin' in piss and suckin' my tits
Get me off granny granny
Suck me boy
Ooh you're fuc*** your granny and you're fuckin' your girl
And you wish you had a clitoris
But you only got cock
Ooh come boy come boy
get me get me off get me ahhhhhhhoff

Ooh get me off
Suck me boy
Got Belgian waffles in my tits
I got beer up my pu*** and you never knew what
'cause I've got the cock
I've got the master action
And boy you don't own me not one bit
Ooh I'll suck that cock
I'll suck that wiener

Well you just listen here Mr. Horse:
you drop that ghetto blaster
suck me off
suck me off
suck me off