Lemar Obika

Letra de la canción

You got the power
yeah, you got the power
dance, dance, dance, dance, dance, dance make's me wanna dance
Verse 1:
When i saw you girl i knew
that you were something outta of a storybook
& i told ma that we gotta take one look
i imagine most me & you
doing what lovers do
holding hands in the park
making love girl after dark
Dance, dance, dance, dance, dance, dance make's me wanna dance
I just wanna dance with you,
i just wanna roll with you,
i just wanna be the one that really get's to know you,
i don't care & i don't mind i will spend a whole lifetime if this is what it takes for me to hold it down & make it right.
Verse 2:
On a day spend like the first
taking us right back to the birth of our love
seems to me as if i'll never get enough
thinking about the way that we first kissed
it was a night like this
we stayed together everyday ever since.
The ooh, the arr, the ooh
the sounds of the birds & the bees
bringing you to your knees
is all i wanna do
(repeat pre-chorus)
(repeat chorus x2)
Verse 3:
The only thing between us is the floor
the dj's playin' our favourite song
so let's not take too long
i wanna dance so true the night with you..... uhh huh yeah
(repeat chorus x2)
Dance, dance, dance, dance, dance, dance
makes me wanna dance....


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