With All My Heart

With All My Heart LETRA

Illenium ft. JVKE

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If I measured my mistakes
And the decisions that I’ve made
They're like a song I wrote with foolish words I can’t erase

And I hope that when I’m gone
You'll forgive me all my wrongs
Say a prayer for me, I know I don't deserve your love, yeah

I used to hear ’em say
People don't never change
But I'm growing out of who I was, yeah

Two rights don't fix a wrong
But I know it won't be long
’Til you turn me from the man I was

So with all my heart, I’m gonna love
With all my heart, I'm gonna trust
With all my heart, I’m wanna / gonna give you everything

So with all my heart, I’m gonna try to play my part, to turn on the lights

When things get dark, I’m gonna give you everything

Don't wanna look at where I’ve been
I wanna look at where I’m goin’
Let my mess become my message, it made me who I am

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