Dark Of The Sun

Dark Of The Sun

Arch Enemy

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Dark Of The Sun

Like insects of the night, we are drawn into the light
Feeding off the star glow energ, controlling our fate

Bloodsucker selling hope to the hopeless
Newborn messiah or the devil incarnate?
Surrounded by a field of lost souls
These feeble minds - so easy to control

It's all the same to you
But does anyone really know
What the future holds in store

A day will come
When the sun will rise again
Rays of black will shine
And together as one,
We will walk in the dark of the sun

Say a prayer for the unborn child in the womb
The children are the heirs of this dogmatic chaos
Is there a future in this claustrophobic tomb?
We can only rely upon ourselves, to save us

We are the resistance, our last line of defense
Prepared to fight for our promised land
Rebels at heart, they will hunt us to the ends of the earth
The chase is on, forever going on and on

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