As we walk along,
the leaves crunch beneath our feet,
the feeling i have now is so sweet,
we'll carve our name in a tree,
forever, just you and me.
but now you're gone and i can't quite get over it,
i'm so depressed; i fell like shit,
if i hadn't fuc*** things up,
would we still be in love?
I thought maybe we could try again,
get back together and knock back ten
hopefully you will see,
it should have always been,
you and me.
I called you on your cell,
and asked if we could meet,
she thought she could trick me,
and said “on the same old street”,
but i knew what she was speaking of,
i knew exactly what to do,
we will be together soon,
just you and me, me and you.
Walking down a forest road,
at last we are together,
just like all the fairy tales,
with just the perfect weather,
a breeze whirls past my face,
and i turn my head to see,
a stump that is partially marked,
where our place of love used to be,
i don't care what fate decides,
i'm happy where i am,
if i have anything to do with it,
i'll stay right where i stand,
now i'm staring in my lovers' eyes,
breathing hard hand in hand,
and then to my surprise,
she says “i love you” and then she starts to cry,
now my heart is throbbing,
and i answer with four mere words,
“i love you too” is what i said,
and then we turned to face the world.


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