Me'Shell Ndegeocello

Letra de la canción

You can gain the world
and lose your soul
worrying about what you ain't got
Trying to make that dollar
trying to make that dollar
trying to make that dollar
Lift me up!
lift me up!
lift me up!
lift me up!
lift me up!
Lift me up!
"they say, you're growing up in the rough neighborhood. you're mama's on crack.
everytime she gets a welfare check - it's gone.
you ain't eatin' good. you're goin' to school.
people laughin' at ya 'cause you're dirty and shit... get money square.
you're goin' to school. you're eatin'... damn, niggas gettin' jealous.
they want to take your money. so, damn. you got to hold your's...
can't keep takin' my money, 'cause i'm out here every single day trying to make this money..."
Lift me up!
"nah, you ain't gonna take my money.
and if it lead up to a fight - you gonna fight.
but then the next time you see 'em, it's gonna be gunplay.
so you - basically you're defending yourself


Me'Shell Ndegeocello
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