Dead Or Alive del álbum 'Escape'

Dead Or Alive


La canción 'Dead Or Alive' se estrenó en 1981. Este tema está incluido dentro del disco Escape


A double secret agent
And he was paid to kill
With cold steel magnum force is
How the man possessed the skill

He shot a man in Paris
He did a job in L.A.
And if the price was right, he'd surely
Take your life away

Wanted, wanted

Wanted, dead or alive, blood for money, money
Assault, homicide, blood for
Money, money, money, money

He drove a Maserati, lived up in the hills
A cat with nine lives that's gone
Too far to feel the chill
He never though it'd happen
It was his last mistake
'Cause he was gunned down by a
Heartless woman's 38.


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